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Easy Ways to Avoid a Covenants Letter

​​The following list is provided as reference for the residents of the most frequent covenants issues that are easily avoided, would avoid a covenants violation letter, and keeps our community safer and more appealing to everyone.

1)  Extended parking of vehicles on street
2)  Blocking sidewalks while parking in the driveway
3)  Maintaining clean sidewalks in front of each house
4)  Maintaining roofs and exteriors free of stains
5)  Mailbox upkeep (painting and numbers)
6)  Yard and landscape upkeep
7)  Speeding (over 25 mph)
8)  Non-approved items in yard (trellis, permanent basketball hoops,etc.)

Some items that the community will continue to work with the residents on:
1)  Operation of golf carts on the sidewalk
2)  Time limit on house, yard decorations and political signs
3)  Shrubbery and/or wall around A/C units and pool pumps

If you feel that additional items continue to be persistent problems, please notify us and let us know your thoughts by using this link here