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Summary - The Association Declaration of Covenants is intended to enable all homeowners to exercise their right of enjoyment to their unit within District Property.  While specific Covenant Declarations are identified in this policy update, the failure to adhere to any/all Covenant Declarations may result in a violation letter and corresponding $100 fine for repeated violations.  Owners may request a hearing in front of the Due Process Committee if they believe a fine should not be imposed.

POLICY ON COVENANTS COMMITTEE INSPECTIONS  The Board of Directors passed a policy for the Covenants Committee to inspect all driveways, sidewalks and roofs and mailboxes for necessary maintenance on a twice a year schedule. As of May 2024, the bi-annual inspections will be conducted in January and July of each year.  Please be advised that these areas should be in good condition prior to these inspections in order to avoid receiving a violation notice.  If you receive a violation letter following the Covenants Committee inspection, you will have 30 days to remedy the problem.  If after 30 days you have not remedied the problem, you will receive a second violation letter.  Failure to remedy the problem after a third letter will result in a $100 fine.

 ARC REQUESTS – The Board of Directors also passed a policy that will include a fine of $250.00 for any owner who does not submit the required ARC Form prior to making modifications to your home.  Please refer to the Declarations, Article V Section 17. No Alteration without ARC Approval.  Any modification to a home that has not submitted the required ARC form and received approval is subject to a fine of $250.00.  The goal is to have homeowners comply and submit for the necessary ARC approvals.  Forms are available on the Fairway Lakes website or by contacting Fairway Management.  The Committee meets the first week of each month usually on the first Wednesday so if you don’t want to wait, get your ARC forms submitted the by the last week of each month.