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Duran Benefit to Fairway Lakes Residents

1) Fairway Lakes Residents Benefits at Duran Golf Course:

2) 5% off Signature Membership Fees

3) Complimentary Crown Card pricing for all residents and guests of residents when playing       with resident - 15% off booked rate

4) Complimentary upgrade to next size on Practice Balls at the Duran Development Center

5) 10% off food at the Tradewinds Restaurant for dine-in lunch and brunch service

6) 10% off non sale - in stock merchandise at the Duran Professional Golf Shop

7) $500 discount on room rental at the Tradewinds Restaurant based on a minimum food and     beverage purchase.

8) Complimentary Annual Private Community Golf Clinic and Par 3 Event

Letter from Viera Company on Duran benefit to Fairway Lakes Residents (click here)

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